Sunday, June 27, 2010

My two cents for soon-to-be RNs

It’s less than a week before taking up, probably one of the most intimidating test you will encounter, the Nurse Licensure Exam. I presume you are quite anxious at this point, wishing you could absorb everything in the review material by sleeping on top of it. But at least if you’re part of July 2010 examinees, you’ve had longer time for board exam review since exam will take place on July 3 and 4. I do hope you’ve done your part for the past 2-3 months whether you’re doing self-study or enrolled in review center.
Ah, those were the days. Even if good review centers have well-lit, air-conditioned rooms, summarized review materials, and motivating instructors, it’s still your call for discipline. Sometimes review sessions can get really boring. Once there was this lecturer, a lady in her late sixties I think, started the review with no introduction, no power point presentation whatsoever. She was talking straight for about an hour or two. It was a really dull, that almost half of our batch walked out, even my classmates and I decided to skip the review for Enchanted Kingdom! Thank God we still passed though.
So what would be the best thing to do for the last few days before the test? Here’s a list I made up based of course on experience; think of these as a gentle reminder in preparation for one of the most important exam in your life:
1. Practice answering. Even the stroke of your pencils can screw up your chances of passing. So create a pattern of shading on your answer sheet and make sure it’s not too light or heavy for the machine to read.
2. Trust your instinct. This may sound ridiculous, but usually the first thing on your mind (without thinking too long) is actually right. Use this when you really, really have no idea what the answer is.
3. Letter C. Yup that’s what instructors told us, well actually majority of exams put their answers there.
4. Breathe. If you find yourself stressed over concepts you’ve been scanning for hours, put them down and relax a little.
5. Make sure your notice of admission slip is ready otherwise you won’t be able to take the exam.
6. Know your testing site ahead of time. Look it up over PRC site ( go straight to their office, the names are posted outside. Familiarize yourself with the exact location, route and travel time from home.
7. Pray. No matter how you feel, take time for some silence and focus on your plea.
8. Don’t stop believing. If you have to belt out the tune ala Glee to, then do it. Kidding aside, fight off those negative vibes by trusting yourself. After all, you’ve had four years in the academe to get ready.

Keep in mind one ultimate goal in taking the NLE: get a license to serve the health industry, be it local or abroad. Good luck on your endeavors, and go and ace for the two Initials!