Monday, August 16, 2010


Thunder boomed as the rain falls heavily. Carla had just got into the apartment. Unfortunately,she got soaked under the downpour of Friday's gloomy weather. To add, her handy cheap black umbrella did not survive the strong blow.

Thank God it's Friday???

Carla closed the door behind her as she lifts her red tunic blouse to take it off. She unbuttoned her dark skinny jeans, removed the drenched maroon suede flats and went straight to the bathroom.

Carla's teeth was chattering as she stands underneath the shower. She was about to finish rinsing off the orange-scented soap from her body, when a deafening thunder roared as the lights went out.

Damn it! How am I supposed to get out of here?!

Just as she was about close the shower, she heard an indistinct noise from outside the bathroom. Carla stood in silence, trying to figure if she really heard it right.

The knob was twisting with such force, someone can kick the door open. Shaking with extreme cold and agitation, Carla blindly reached for the door and held the lock with force. She lost her grip as the door had unlocked. Carla pushed back to close it, but she slipped on the tile floor, yelping out an ear-splitting scream.

Then a bright beam of light shone on her face.

"Vince? Fuck you! Why didn't you knock on the door? You could have at least called out my name!" Carla blurted out, aghast.

"It's raining too hard for me to hear the water running on the bathroom. Besides. I was in a hurry to use the toilet so I can take a pee," Vince

Carla rubbed her hips and cursed at the strong impact of her fall.

Vince held out his hand to help her stand up, then kissed her.

"Sorry," he said softly, accompanying Carla out of the bathroom. Then he rushed towards the toilet, unzipping his pants.

Carla glared at Vince for a moment. "Seriously, I thought some fucking intruder came in, and was about to kill me," as she went to the bedroom with an annoyed expression.

He sighed and apologized again. "I'm really sorry." When Vince was done washing his hands, he followed Carla into their room. The rain continued to flow for the rest of the evening.