Saturday, December 31, 2011

Approaching 2012

Oh yes, new year's eve. What can I say?... Well, 2011 has been an emotional roller coaster. No, actually, that's just an understatement. It was really one heck of a ride. As always, I'm hoping to make better decision for the coming year as I know this will affect how I will live my life.

I've been given opportunities not everyone have been entitled to... gone to places beyond my comfort zone. It was also the time I realized that I need take a different road because I couldn't go any further with what I feel is not my path. I'm not totally closing my doors, though. I just need to make sure that I'm making it right this time. So the next time I take a ride on a plane, it will be a happier trip to somewhere as a reward for myself for all the hard work.Or maybe a journey to a new and better opportunity where I can take whoever I want to. Whatever will work, I have to find out.

I might have come back empty-handed, but I had so much lessons learned. And I knew that whatever taken away will be replaced with something better. I felt disappointed when I lost the only thing I earned. But after a while, I received blessings more than I expected. I'm spending the holidays with my loved ones. So there's no reason for me to feel bad. And maybe I shouldn't be feeling pressured at all. Because it's all up to me how I will make myself successful.

I'm looking forward to 2012, not just because it's year of the dragon (again) but it's another time for opportunities, risks to take and goals to pursue.

Happy new Year!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

7 days to go!

Can you believe it? Christmas day is just one week away, and 2012 is two weeks to go. As if time was on fast forward. A lot of people are crowded on the shopping malls, hurrying from one store to another. I could tell that most of them are looking for the best and cheapest exchange gifts. Some are heading through the botique stores, probably looking for a nice dress to wear at Christmas parties. Sometimes, it makes me wonder if they have really no budget for Christmas. Because I could hear a lot of people complaining about having too much expenses during Christmas. Oh well...