Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome 2013

Traditional last-minute year-ender blog post before everyone lights up the sky with fireworks. It was indeed a year of hard work. I was able to get somewhere and had a very busy schedule, squeezing in personal life as optional. It was a learning experience, but it just comes to a point where you have to make a change for the better. I have so many blessings to be thankful for- an understanding family, another opportunity to start with, a handful of true friends and a steady relationship. There are some things I have to give up, but I know that when I lose something, there is definitely something better. So while I am still not sure of something, I know that I am heading towards the path of greatness and success. Happy 2013. :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Yes! the real season of Christmas hasn't ended on December 25. In fact, it's just starting. Anyway, I really have a lot of things to be thankful for this year: -Financial (Bonuses, etc.) -Gifts (from everyone) -New job -Special foods -Be able to celebrate Christmas with family Now that 2013 is fast approaching, I need to plan ahead where my life is going. Since I've been making major decisions involving my career path, I might as well stick with changing the pace. I'm still not sure where exactly I should go, but I know I can almost figure it out. I haven't written a long blog in a while, so maybe this is my chance to do one. 2012 in general, has been a mix of ups and downs for me. Nonetheless I really had a good time. Despite the hectic work schedule I had, I was able to squeeze in some social life into my calendar. So I guess that was one of the few if not many things that had made 2012 a fruitful year. I'd rather not go into specific details of the downside; it's a bit personal. I'm really hoping that 2013 will be start of the change I'm hoping for. All I wish for this Christmas, and the coming year will be for my family to stay stronger and healthier.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What a day

Dahil namantal ng husto ang tatay ko, minabuti na namin na pumunta sa ospital para mapatignan at mabigyan ng gamot. So straight from work, nagdrive ulit papunta sa malapit na ospital. Tinignan ang tatay ko ng mga nurse at doctor. As usual, tinanong kung anong huling kinain, ginamit sa katawan, etc. Ang solusyon: Diphenhydramine IM stat. Side effect ang pagka antok so kailangan muna matulog. Overnight accomodation ang peg namin sa ER. Makalipas ang ilang oras, umaga na. Gising na tatay ko, kaya umuwi na kami. Ni hindi na tinignan ng mga tao dun kung nagsubside yung rashes. Oh well. So umuwi na kami, at di na nakapasok sa work pare-pareho. Pinagpahinga muna tatay ko. Halos walang nabago sa pantal nya. Pero may prescribed meds naman so sige idaan muna sa inom tutal naman naturukan na. Sana within this week mawala na yung allergy. Hindi pa rin namin malaman kung saan na-trigger yung allergy. Number one suspect namin ay yung buy-one-take-one na body wash na binili ko. Ganun din kasi nangyari sakin last month. Pero mas matindi yung sa tatay ko.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Just a few more days, and it's November. You know that in Philippines, that's the start of the Christmas season. Though Christmas is one of my favorite holiday of the year, I can't help but feel... ambivalent. I have a LOT of issues to tackle and resolve. My career, future plans, true ambition -all I need to come to terms with. I know that I feel discouraged right now, seeing the society's current situation. I'm still thankful that I have work, though. I've been too busy that I find myself realizing I'm spending less time with my family. Maybe I could use what's left of my leave credits. Decisions, decisions, decisions...ugh, I just hate it when I can't make up my mind. Do I need to ask for a sign? or am I too naive to notice it?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Mahaba naman ang tulog ko, pero nakapanghihina pa din. Parang kulang pa. Gusto ko pa sanang gumawa ng iba pang bagay pero maaga pa bukas, kailangan na ulit magpahinga. Hay :(

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bakasyon Grande over

Have to be back to work tomorrow, pwede pa sana humirit tutal may med cert pero kelangan na talaga. 3 morning shifts...go! At least I have something to look forward on Friday. Sana lang mairaos ko ang 3 araw ng walang aberya. Had a reallly good time. Ayun nga lang, nasobrahan nagkasakit. Imagine, tonsilitis nanaman? Eh mula ng bata pa eh suki na ko ng sakit na to. Buti hindi pa ko naooperahan, Yikes! Super pigout din nung friday, may pizza, mojos, at palabok nung lunch, tapos seafood nung dinnder. Pigout din nung weekend. Ayos, hello extra weight, we meet again. dibale, back to oats ulit. Hay, salamat, kahit bitin sulit naman. Kelangan na ulit magbanat ng buto para kumita at maitayo ang future. Speaking of future, napagisip isip ko ang mga susunod na hakbang para dun. Pero saka ko nalang siguro ikukwento pag sigurado na para walang...urot.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Isang taon nanaman. Pero di ko ramdam, saka ayoko rin isipin na ang tanda ko na kasi marami pa kong kailangan gawin bago mawala ang edad sa kalendaryo. Masaya naman ako, hindi man ako namumuhay ng katulad ng mga alta na sa isang salita lang eh makukuha ko na ang gusto ko. Tulad ng iba, marami din ako reklamo sa buhay, sa trabaho, sa bahay, sa lipunan at kung anu- ano pa. Ganun pa man, masya pa rin ako kasi may mga natatanggap pa din ako na biyaya at nagagawa ang mga bagay na minsan lang pwede magawa.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

After a long, hard deliberation...

I've decided to give it a try... after all, it is not yet final. What I'm sure of is that I won't give up my dream. I may not be halfway through it, but I'm moving forward in that direction. This wasn't part of the plan. However, I decided to give it a try. My intentions are not yet clear, but for some unexplained reasons, my guts are telling me that what I have will help me achieve my dream, which is way too far in terms of...industry. Then again, I have some doubts. Am I doing this to answer the call for those in need or to please others? I know deep down the answer, but the problem is whether or not to heed it. :|

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What a Tuesday...

To say that it's been a long busy morning shift today is an understatement. There were some issues that I'd rather not disclose for professional reasons. Good thing I was meeting up with someone at the mall after work. So I ended up doing a bit of shopping-well, for a new router and baked goods. I lined up for French Baker's last minute sale, and it was worth the wait. I walked on the poorly lit street and these stray dogs start to bark on me. I'm scared, but not as much as other people, who will shriek at the sight of them. I tried my best to scare them away-even using baguette by pretending to hit them. They were backing away but still barking.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Manic Monday

Early shift at work on the day when every wakes up on their first day at school/work. As usual, it was a busy shift, which was fine, but not when you get some...uh...not-so-happy issues. It's really stressful to be yelled at, but that's part of the work. So when my shift ended, I immediately went out, and was surprised that he picked me up from work. On the way he was hankering for some seafood feast, but I was a bit hesitant because I might have too much and my blood might increase. so we ended up at Giligan's. Hmmm...not bad. Then we stayed at the seating area and played uno and monopoly app...then tried to watch those fangirls of young actor scream like this will the last day they'll have their voice.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Unli news

It started just this week. News of scandalous brawl at the airport involving "high profile" people are being flashed from one channel to another. On the other matters, another brawl at a bar took place. guess what, it involved another celebrities who obviously needs to resolve issues between them. These are the headlines of almost all media, like they are critical national issues that we all need to ponder on (Well, except for the part where airport CCTV camera not working, and off-load luggage). As days pass by, it gets more exasperating to watch the news. So I immediately walk out at the mere mention of nonsensical issues. However, it seems inescapable as i took the public bus, and the TV on board is the evening news. Hmm, might as well start to bring my mp3 with me as I don't have noise-cancelling headphones. Any mishaps with known personalities will circulate everywhere, until it gets too mainstream, and people will eventually get tired of talking. Then another untoward incident will become the new talk of the town. Big issues come and go, but sadly, most of them remain unsolved. What's even more astonishing is that people no longer care, as they are now busy with the latest gossip.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Holy Thursday

Ramdam ko ang mahal na araw. Bakit kamo?dahil konti ang mga tao sa labas ng bahay, konti lang din ang mga sasakyan at pampublikong sasakyan. Tahimik. Walang traffic. Ayos. Nasa kani-kaniyang bakasyunan ang lahat. Ako, papunta sa aking trabaho.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tomorrow WILL be a good shift....

I am dreading tomorrow's shift... but I am thankful that I didn't had too many calls this day. hoping tomorrow will be the same amount...and I'm hoping for a good positive shift tomorrow. :)
It's been stressful today, but I had the time to unwind thanks to R. Looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow. :)

And I really can't wait until this schedule is over.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Summer na, pero konti palang ang natatabas ko magmula nung christmas holidays. Patay. Trip ko pa naman sana magouting at mag-swimwear..pero baka i t-shirt at short ko nalang. Haha. Kasi naman, ang sarap kumain. Malas ko pa pag sinumpong ng matinding gutom, kung ano ano lang kinakain.haay.


Ilang beses ko na ba nasabi na parusa para sa akin ang gumising ng maaga? Pero sige kaya naman at natatapos ang araw na may nagawang kabuluhan. Sana bumilis ang takbo ng oras bukas. At sana matapos na din ang March na walang nangyayaring aberya. Haaay. Confused pa rin ako at medyo discouraged. Pero sige paunti unti, gagawin ko hanggang matapos. dahil alam kong napapanahon na.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Big Breakfast

I know. Tipid mode dapat ako ngayon, pero walang hiya, umiral ang tindi ng gutom ko. Paano, di na ko nag almusal sa bahay sa takot na ma-late. Ayoko na makaltasan. Saka Isa pa, quota na ko sa dami ng late ko. Resulta- isang order ng masarap at mamantikang breakfast from Mcdo. Yum. Dibale, bihira na naman ako kumakain sa mcdo. Minsan sa Jollibee o kaya KFC. Amp.

Pinoproblema ko ang pagbabawas ng timbang. medyo lampas na kasi sa border. $@#^%&! naman kasi, ang sarap sarap kumain eh! tapos nakakatamad mag-exercise. Pero di naman pwedeng ganito lifestyle ko dahil, hello, may lahi lang naman kami ng high blood (pati yata DM pero wag naman sana).

Sa ngayon, pakonti konti akong nag ccontrol ng pagkain, at hindi ginugutom ang sarili, dahil pag nakaramdam ng matinding gutom, baka mapabili ng para sa dalawang tao. Eh di lalong tataba naman ako nun. p@k$#%^ lang.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

bangag lang.

Lately, I've been like a potato head. Yung bang parang biglang nagka-amnesia yung common sense ko. T*ng *na lang. Feeling ko gusto na ko sigawan ng mga nakakausap ko at sabihin "P*ta, ambobo mo lang!" Haaaaaay....

Inaantok na ko. Pero kinakalaban ko, masabi lang may naisulat. Kasi ngayon eh medyo confused pa rin kung talagang mag-u turn na ba ang buhay ko o magde-detour. Hay.bukas na nga lang. Sana makapag beach this summer.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Original na biritera.

Kaninang hapon, habang pupungas-pungas pa ako ay nagbabasa ako ng mga posts sa FB. At medyo nagulat nga ako na mabalitaan nang patay na si Whitney Houston. Whitney.Houston.Sikat na singer mula 80s-90s.

FYI, hindi niya ako fan, pero alam nating lahat na malaki ng iniambag niya sa larangan ng musika. Iniidolo siya ng mga singer na pilit pinapantayan ang level ng pag-kanta niya. Siya rin ang dahilan kung bakit naririnig mong bumubulahaw ang boses ng kapitbahay nyo sa saliw ng kanyang awitin-kahit na alas-dos na ng madaling araw.

Aminin mo, minsan mo na rin sinubukan sa videoke ang mga kanta nyang hanep sa taas ng tono. Nasa sayo na kung pati ang pag piyok mo eh aaminin mo rin.

Sayang, Ang bata pa niya, kaso nag-adik. Tsk.

Makapag videoke nga sa Valentine's day.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Conyo Problems

Habang nagpapalipas ng oras, napadaan ako sa isang forum kung saan eh problema nila kung paano nila tuturuan ang mga inglisero nilang anak na magtagalog. coz their kid is so nahihirapan na as in. oops. peace teayo.hahahaha!

nakakaloko.parang, i don't want to live on this planet anymore ang peg ko. yung mga matatandang may balak mangibang bansa eh gumagastos pa para sa intenational english exam. sila kelangan nila magtagalog para makapag utos sa mga katulong makipag usap sa mga ordinaryong mamamayang pilipino. pero yung magulang ingles pa rin kahit na gusto nila na matuto ang anak nila ng tagalog. ANG LABO LANG.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New year's resolution

for 2012? More BLOGGING! And more sensible blogging of course. This will be my lucky year. And I will make my own luck no matter what.