Monday, July 22, 2013

Push In Case of Emergency

Linggo ng hapon. Mainit na, di pa mahangin. Maski sa loob ng simbahan ay mainit din. Kaya nag aya ang nanay ko na sa labas nalang kami pumuwesto. at doon nga kami sa may pader (na pwedeng upuan, pero konting ingat lang) pumirmi.

Nung communion time na, may napansin akong batang babae na papalapit sa pwesto namin at sumandal. Habang nanahimik ako, ay maya maya lang ay may nalaglag na libro. Yung babaeng nakita ko kanina eh nakasandal na katabi nyang lalaki at dahan dahang tumutumba. Mabuti nalang at naagapan namin ng tatay ko yung pagbagsak nya.

Eto ngayon ang eksena: hawak ko si ate sa braso nya- actually nakasukbit yung braso ko sa kili-kili nya at nakasandal sa tuhod ko habang unconscious siya. Kalmado lang pero deep inside kinakabahan na ko. Matagal na kong di updated sa emergency response. Nung saktong ipapatuwid ko na sa tatay ko ang legs ni ate, saktong namulat ang mata niya na parang naalimpungatan. At dahil confused pa si ate, hinayaan muna namin siya umupo kung saan namin siya nasalo. May ilan ding tumulong magpaypay at may nagbot pa ng white flower. Habang nagpapaypay ang tatay ko, sinabi niya sa babae na, " Okay ka lang ba? 'Wag ka mag-alala nurse yan (turo sa akin) alam niya kung ano gagawin." Ako naman ang namutla.

Binigyan namin ng tubig si ate at nang mahimasmasan nagtanong siya kung anong nangyari. nang masagot namin siya eh kami naman nagtanong kung ngayon lang ba nangyari, kung kumain ba siya etc. Mabuti nalang at may kasama pala si ate na kanina pa siya hinahanap. Kaya iniwan na din namin nung tapos na ang misa.

So ano nga bang punto ko dito?

Sa totoo lang, malabo na kong mag-pursue pa ng nursing. Ilang beses ko na din naman ata nabanggit yan, at nasabi ko na din sa magulang ko. Medyo in-denial pa si mudra pero in time I'm sure she'll understand.

Pero after that incident na first time may nakita akong hinimatay sa harap ko eh may na-realize ako.

I think I might need a refresher on Basic Life Support and first-aid.

Bakit kamo? What if hindi lang pala basta hinimatay yung babae? Pero syempre kung ganoon nga eh di naman ako magmamarunong at ididirecho na namin siya ng ospital. Pero pano kung malayo ang ospital or kung nasa alanganing lugar at walang ibang pwedeng makatulong?

Siguro nga kelangan ko na i-review ang BLS at first aid, pero hindi dahil mag-aapply na ako ulit sa mga ospital at required. Para sa mga oras na di inaasahan (kaya nga emergency eh), kahit papano alam ko gagawin ko bago may rumespondeng mas nakakaalam at mas trained. Baka sa ganoong paraan eh kahit papaano eh natupad ko ang dating sinumpaang tungkulin.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Adidas King of the Road


Slept over at a friend's apartment, because I might be late if I have to commute from home. I was able to sleep earlier than usual, but ended up waking every hour until clock strikes four. If that was due to excitement or nervousness, I can't tell them apart. It was my second time running for 10-kilometer category. As far as training is concerned, I've only had 5-km jogging about thrice a week a month before this event.

My friend walked me through the streets (because it's still dark, of course!) and waited until I took a cab on the way to BGC - alone. I immediately located the plate number and sent a text to my friend. Thank God, I was able to arrive at the venue safely and on time.

Just as I was walking through the base camp, I saw a huge flock of runners has already started. It must be the 16.8 k participants, so I brisked walked right through the starting line. Good thing was that,the 10 k participants was just asked to step forward at the starting line. The host began perking up the crowd, then introduced the coaches for the warm-up exercises. The warm-up was pretty good. It lasted more than 10 minutes, I think. It was enough to stretch those muscles. I had to admit though that I took an Ibuprofen before the run. Don't worry, I don't do this every race.

The race was supposed to start at 5 30 for 10 k solo run, but the organizer decided to commence along with 10 k relays. Countdown to start. Let the game begin. I sprinted a little from the starting line until I reached around... 500 meters. Then the next kilometers was followed by an alternate of run-jog-walk-jog-run. I did not mind other runners passing by. I am not competing against anyone but myself. And my goal was to finish the run without sustaining any form of injury. There were enough hydration areas on the track, but it was a bit messy, with the plastic cups scattered nearby. Fortunately I was able to get a bottle of 100 plus from one of the stations I passed by. I've only had few sips as it will be painful to my stomach while running. At some point I thought I was nearing the finish line, but then saw a sign that says: 5km. I'm starting to feel a little tired, but I just kept my pace.

When I saw the end is just a few meters from me, I ran with all the energy I could muster until I clocked in at the finish line in 1 hour, 24 minutes, and 36 (?) seconds. Not bad for a non-pro runner. Just as I was done, a staff approached and gave me my reward- the finisher's medal. An iron-plated with a figure of a man running, and the category indicated. It was heavy enough to be considered sold at any junk shop, I think.

It would have been a blast if not for the looooong lines at the claiming area. it took me 5 minutes to find the last line for the finisher's kit. Everyone was wondering why it took ages at line. The answer- The staff had to pull the bag from the box and pack the freebies at the claiming area itself. Pfffft. at the food kiosk, I was able to get bite sized-tuna on crackers, and a loaf of Gardenia. By the way, I saw the staff in-charge for distribution giving not one but two extra loaves to one of the security team. Tsk. what irked me most is the separate line for the Adidas body care products. Again I could not find the last tine and circled the area like an idiot for a while. I decided to leave the area without getting it, as I was already exhausted and I need to fetch my stuff from my friend's flat.

If only the location was easily accessible, I would definitely join again next year. Then again, there are other events that offer the same category at a more convenient place (and affordable registration fee)- or I could just run by myself. I would need strong willpower for that distance, though.

Monday, July 1, 2013


What is the true measure of success? Is it the massive wealth one has accumulated? Is it the fame? If someone has a job that pays well, but not related in the field he studied, would that be considered successful? If someone looks forward to Mondays, would that be the epitome of being successful?

Slown down Sunday

I decided go out on a family day, instead of staying at home with my parents. Thankfully, they just asked me where I am going and who I'll be with. I wasn't able to go out yesterday (Saturday), as I was just too stressed, even though I've had a hearty brunch buffet. I wasn't even able to hear mass (sorry, Lord, I won't make a promise, but I will do next Sunday). I just need to de-stress and end my weekend on a good note. The thing is, even if I want to vent out my feelings, I am scared that someone from my 'network' will stumble upon this blog-perhaps a spy. Nah, I'm just freaking paranoid. I don't even share the address of my personal space. I have the tendency to vent out bad feelings by writing. To be honest, doing this can be really helpful- just as long I keep it discreet. Let me put it this way- I might have been on someone's nerve and they were able to find a hole, hence putting me in trouble. And the most irritating part is when one rubs it in my face when I already felt humiliated. But I can't fight back. If I want to stay where I am, I have to suck it up and wait for karma (but hopefully, as a last resort) to give them a dose of their own medicine. As much as I don't want to wish bad things for them, I am tempted. I know deep down that cursing others is bad. Sigh. I just pray that I will be able to surpass this... I know I can. It's not that biggie, really. Maybe it's a wake up call.