Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lunch break

In the middle of the night. While everyone is busy on their fastfood, here i am finding time to let all my thoughts out. I cant finalize plans as of this moment. Cause i just hate too much expectations.

I dont know, but i dont think to be bothered further. Its enough that they got into my head, i dont want these babd thoughts to stay forever.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Use your claws sparingly

Im a bit bothered.This person told me wag daw ako masyadong mabait. Trabslation:doormat. Do i have to retort and make cat fight on things that should have been let go? Hindi naman yata sa lahat ng oras eh kelangan magtarayan.

Medyo naiirita ako.

Monday, July 28, 2014


My boyfriend and I were strolling somewhere in a mall in Manila. As we were looking for seats to rest, we stumbled upon the area where high-end brands are in display. Handbags and shoes in various hues are neatly displayed as if it subtly says "fragile." As we walk past, bf suddenly asked me if I want (designer) bags. I snorted. Was he serious? I replied "why?", to which he explained "diba, mahilig mga babae sa mamahaling bag? (aren't girls into expensive bags?)"

He has a point though. I know a number of people who go crazy upon hearing the names of Kate Spade, Hermes, Chanel, Michael Kors, and so on. I bet the harder to pronouce its name, the more expensive it is.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not gonna lecture how a single bag can feed a small-town children in Africa, or wherever. It's just that it's not my cup of tea for the following reasons:

1. I'm not rich. I can only buy what I can afford. I may go over the budget if necessary or I want reward myself once in a while. However, I will not steep THAT much nor even buy through credit just to have a bag.

2. I don't have a death wish. same goes for the concept of wearing jewelry in public. Thieves these days are desperate, and will not even flinch if they'd have to kill just to get what they want. Or they cant just cut your arm off.

3. I completely understand the concept of having expensive items in the society and what it entails. For those who were born yesterday, let me explain: buying luxury item/s, denotes that you are also buying the brand itself. and, as bias as it may seem, you have the bragging rights. On the other hand, I don't think I can trade thousands of peso just to feel privileged. Or to declare my financial status.

My point is, if you have the money, then I would leave you alone. But if you'd have to loan, steal, just to get a brand for feel good's sake, then, I'm afraid to say that you, my friend need to recollect your thoughts. One more thing, if you are one of those people that take interest on someone based on what they have, you definitely are shallow.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Word Salad on Finances and spending habits...

A co-worker and I were having some conversation about payday taking too long, and purchase plans. She once said to me, "I admire how money-wise you are. Soooo unmaterialistic..."

I was gonna feel flattered, but then I knew patronizing myself won't hide some truths on how i deal with money.

Everyone has its weakness, which triggers impulse decision. Most women my age would go for apparel, shoes, bags, make-up etc. I, however have a weakness for food. Yes, food. I would be willing to spend a little more on food that I would find delectable to try. I am fond of going to community market, to have a sample of a foreign cuisine. I might be a frustrated food critic or whatever. so that explains why I'm a little drained days before the next paycheck comes.

However, I am proud to say I got my priorities covered. All thanks to reading some self-help books. I pay all the bills due first, save a certain amount, then the rest to expenses. I've been following that principle for a while. Although lately I cant save due to some impulsive purchase and unexpected events (read: allergy).

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Long weekend, astigmatism, life plans...

Thanks to fourth of July holiday in US... i got more time to do... nothing.

It would have been a perfect time to hit the mall and do some "retail therapy," catch up with friends, date with boyfriend. But schedule and money doesnt *forever alone mode*

Had i enough time for myself? Well, more than enough. But i spent the last two days sleeping the whole night after doing some errands. No dinner date/ milk tea nights.

Ive been suffering from headache lately, to which it only made sense when i had my physical exam. According to the opthalmologist who had seen me, i am farsighted, and have astigmatism. He recommends i wear glasses to work since i am always in front of a computer. Sigh. Whatever happened to perfect vision?

Plans for the next three-four years? Ugh. Please dont ask me that. I need more time and money. And to minimize all the wants in this world.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ramble ramble

Thursday. And since tomorrow will be the 4th of July,no work for me. Yay....but I dont know where to go...Im low on cash, but i dont want to stay home all long weekend. Not after that pep talk/ drama with my dad. I dont want to put pressure on something im not sure of.

Im about to reach the late twenties stage. And my dad gave this speech again about me not getting younger, what are your plans blah blah blah...ugh.

So i had no choice but to tell the truth that i still dont know what to do with my life. And he asked if i have been considering any plans like getting hitched or grad school...or as he calls it, upgrading. Sigh.

And i finally confirmed my hutch about my sister's current relationship status. Im not that shocked. Its been kinda obvious for the last few years shes been with her.

Im more surprised at my dad's reaction. He cried, and he thinks that sissy has just done that because she has no other shoulder to cry on. I disagree though.

I think that has been her preference since...but could not open up to my the fact that she hasnt mentioned a boy she fancies...and my parent were like pushing her on every boy she has platonic relatuonships at work.

Anyway, my point is, i know my parents had this ideal concept of us, of our character. But reality is we are far from what they think we are.

In all fairness, they got nothing to complain. She's on the greener pasture and living the life almost everyone would kill for.