Monday, January 19, 2015

I really had a blast this long weekend. Well it was kinda long for me, cause I was able to make a leave on a Friday. I'm glad I gave it a try cause that trip it was well worth it. And even if I was one of the others who didn't went to the city to see the Pope, I still feel blessed. The mere fact that he visited here was a blessing enough. I just hope that those uhm... leaders will feel humbled.

Anyway, that trip up North was sort of impromptu. I wasn't even expecting I'd go because Friday was a holiday and you know how hard it can be to make a leave on a holiday. So... yey! It was the third time to go up there (this time, with a transpo), but I still haven't explored a lot of places. It was my first time to drop by PMA, Teacher's camp (a little scary, but fully booked) Camp John Hay (actually we just passed by), Strawberry farm and of course, La Presa. Been to Burnham, but it was the only time I get to ride on a bike-a tandem bike, cause I don't know how to bike on my own (sucks!).

Side note: My boyfriend and I had no idea what and where La Presa is, until my aunt told it was the setthing/location of the ongoing series Forevermore His family knows about it too, and wanted to see the place as well. Its real name is Sitio Pungayan, at the town of Tuba, Benguet. It is at the top part of the hill, near that Huge satellite and radar. With its growing popularity because of the said show. Most tourists are now flocking up there to, I guess, have that "Forevemore" experience. It was pretty cold up there, 14 degrees celsius to be exact. And since the place has increasingly gained fame, some vendors are up there to take opportunity. Even the owners of the adorable St. Bernard. Don't expect loads of straweberries though. I'm not sure if there is an area for them, but is restricted. cause all we saw are fields of potatoes. Yep, potatoes. Potato, potato.

It was perfect timing for the trip, because it was the coldest months (December-February?). Im telling you, if you wanna do some layering and/or wear your boots it's the perfect place to do it. The only thing that I don't like is taking a shower. Even if there is a heater. But I have to, cause I don't want to get stinky. I also get to pick fresh strawberries at the farm- at a price. That farm has massive hectares of land (I don't know exactly how many) and we went to the farthest area, searching for areas where we can do picking. It was pretty much double the price of buying a kilo at the farm entrance. So, basically, I paid for the experience of hoarding fruits.

Do I want to go back there? Uhm, I sure do. I'm just scared of the uphill drive. Oh well, I guess every mode of travel has it's own risk.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Yes, I know it's Monday, and it can feel a little dragging. But I just wanted to say that I feel thankful for having a great weekend. Things may not always go as planned, but still made the most out of it. And thank God, I didn't feel much of the earthquake last Sunday. It was pretty scary. Anyway, It was way too cold outside, I feel like I'm somewhere out of the country. Kung pwede lang sana ganoon lagi ng weather sa Pilipinas...